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Splunkbase improvements

Splunkbase has new features for you to explore, with more coming soon. Check out this guide to what’s new in Splunkbase.

New search

Search has you covered and is now easier to use. Find the apps and add ons you want across categories with Splunkbase global search. Community and Splunk-built results now automatically fill when you enter your search term, and search results present more filters to help you find apps by support type and validations.

New categories

Discover new apps and add ons by using new filters to hone in on the right solutions for you. Quickly explore by use case, product, compliance, and more categories aligned to the latest industry standards. Drill down specifically using new subcategories for cybersecurity, IT operations, tools, and data. Splunkbase is more organized than ever before.

New collections

Splunk organizes apps and add ons to make discovery super simple. If you want apps that have been proven to be most popular, or for specific purposes like pipeline analytics for DevOps or extended detection and response (XDR) solutions, collections group apps for you. Whether you want favorites or functions, collections show apps in curated, meaningful ways.