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Accenture Cloud Services

Get to value faster with Cloud First.

Cloud First, value first

Speed, cost, and innovation–Accenture Cloud First makes cloud’s promise real.

We harness the power of change to create new and extraordinary 360o value by putting cloud at the core of your business. Our approach puts your business needs first, creating industry-specific solutions to get you moved to—and benefiting from—the cloud now.

Move to the cloud with us and you’ll find new and better ways to harness the power of cloud computing. From migration to cloud management, we work with you to help your business realize its full promise and achieve measurable, extraordinary 360o value.

Splunk built apps

Splunk supported apps delivered through Accenture Cloud Services

IT Operations
Splunk IT Service Intelligence

By Splunk Inc.

Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) is a monitoring and analytics solution powered by artificial intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps). It provides visibility into the health of critical IT and business services and their infrastructure. Use ITSI to solve a variety of IT challenges, including deriving service-level insights and analysis on events, metrics, and logs to find and fix the most important issues first. Use Splunk ITSI to perform the following tasks: - Aggregate data across your organization to reduce the complexity of tools and IT silos and visually map your key services. - Organize and correlate events cross-functionally and understand their service context for quicker investigations, root cause analysis, and reduced time to incident resolution. - Use machine learning to baseline normal behavior, be alerted of anomalous conditions, and dynamically adapt thresholds in real-time. - Improve your service operations, team productivity, and cross-functional collaboration.


Security, Fraud & Compliance
Splunk ES Content Update

By Splunk Inc.

The Splunk ES Content Update (ESCU) app delivers pre-packaged Security Content. ESCU provides regular Security Content updates to help security practitioners address ongoing time-sensitive threats, attack methods, and other security issues. Security Content consists of tactics, techniques, and methodologies that help with detection, investigation, and response. Security Content enables security teams to directly operationalize detection searches, investigative searches, and other supporting details. ESCU can generate Notable Events in Splunk Enterprise Security. Security Content also contains easy-to-read background information and guidance, for key context on motivations and risks associated with attack techniques, as well as pragmatic advice on how to combat those techniques. The analytic stories and their searches are also available at


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